Folio - Spring 2019


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Folio Staff

Associate Dean

Stephen Ruffus


Benjamin Solomon

Literary Editor

Stephanie Fletcher

Web Editor

Michelle Gray

Heather Graham

Design Editor

Heather Graham


Carmina Gray

Erin Hunt

Joseph Moss

Salisha Allard-Blaisdell

Dana Winters

Carly Gooch

Homepage Art - Moratorium by Emerald Perez

Special Thanks To: Michael Nelson, Clint Gardner, The Student Writing and Reading Center, The Publication Center, Peter Wiarda & Dr. Roderick R. Land.

(C)2019 Folio Literary Magazine, Salt Lake City Utah Volume20 #2 All rights are reserved by this publication and the authors of the work within. Folio publishes the best in student writing, photography, and art from Salt Lake Community College, while providing premium quality candy, stickers, bookmarks, and free Folio copies at tables in hallways campus wide, but most often in the Redwood AAB building at the bottom of the stairs, or at South Campus where the old information booth used to be but isn’t any more because they moved it “to better serve you.” You’ve seen us around. We smile a lot. Next time stop by and say hi, have a Snickers and take a flyer to remind you to submit your creative work year-round at For questions, contact English 1830—the class that produces Folio— is always looking for new staff. Contact for questions about the class or look in the latest class schedule for more info.