Folio · 2017


Daniel Carter


you are you

only you really know who

more than person or persons addressed

astronomically more than can be confessed

Complicated, Intricate, Elaborate, Complex

anatomically, muscles only you can flex.

Through time and space you’ll start to change

you’ll add and adopt new, achieve further range.

Years will pass of this, your pandering agenda

striving for acceptance as artificial as Splenda

you stop and audit the mirror through your own eyes

you realize you changed yourself for trivial social prize

time to revise revision and amend amendment

delete all edits, no wonder you had no contentment

now sunbaked and faded, not your original hue

but, you're still you.

You’ve learned how to stay the course

how not to stray from your source

you’ll never be lost with life as your teacher

only as far back as the back most bleacher

Folio · 2017