Folio · 2017

Never Ending Tempest

Kyle Tingey

A storm rages within me.

So many thoughts,

All conflicting.

So many ideas,

All contrary.

So many wishes,

All inconsistent.

This twirling cyclone within my brain,

This crazy mental hurricane,

Roars and ravages my prefrontal cortex,

Which has lost all ability to defend itself.


What I had thought was clarity and understanding,

Was merely the eye of the storm

As it passed over my sea of thoughts.

Those few moments of peace

Were merely the beginning of a new chapter,

Merely the presage of something greater.

A journey I could never have predicted.


All these wishes.

So Contrary,

All these ideas.

So conflicting,

All these thoughts.

This storm is never-ending.

Folio · 2017