Folio · 2017

My Battle Comes

Hannah Erskine

Create me afresh like a newborn sunbeam from the east

Help me bloom and flourish from dew drops, at the very least

Help my roots grow deep and sprawling to withstand the squalls

Fill my heart with purpose, my eyes with light, before my spirit falls

Bless me with rain and torrents and snow, if you promise rainbows will follow

Remind me of your love and thoughtful care, don’t let me live life hollow

In the deepest nights when impending doom invites despair, whisper to my soul

Remind me of the glorious tomorrow, remind me that, through you, I’m whole

Give me strength to withstand the whirlwind that threatens to upset me

Shine like a Northern star so I can follow you by land and by sea

Help me secure my armor, train me to fight, give me a shield; my battle comes

The droves of the adversary come, but the triumphal, heavenly song hums

All who stand beside me feel melody in their souls, sing it in their hearts

They know the courage and the godly strength this loyalty imparts

We rely not only on the arm of flesh but on the One who’s over all

May we, when we are called to join the fray, never, never fall

Folio · 2017