Folio · 2017


Hannah Erskine

Define me, I dare you

Place me in a glass box for others to gawk at

If you’re not afraid of me shattering it to pieces

Reimagine me, I dare you

Slap a label on me and remove all my color

As long as you don’t leave the paint cans nearby

Announce me, I dare you

Claim to know all I am and who I ought to be

I promise I’ll prove you wrong

Update me, I dare you

Rewire my innards, disconnect my heart

But don’t forget, my heart still beats and my soul is my own

Exploit me, I dare you

You fear what you do not know; you’re terrified of me

So, you cast me in a spotlight, tell all my faults and expect me to beg for mercy

Name me, I dare you

Categorize me with monikers, make me an ordinary earthly denizen

But don’t forget that your words mean nothing

I will name myself

No one else can decide that for me

Today I’ll make a name of who I am

Folio · 2017