Folio · 2017

I've Built My Own World To Escape

Hannah Erskine

It begins with a drop like rain

If that rain was a shower of panic

Brought on by heavy clouds of fear and doubt

Walls pop up where they’re not supposed to

I’m boxed in, kept spiraling in endless circles

A maze that never seems to end

No matter how many times I double back

No matter how many new routes I take

This is my reality

I’ve built my own world to escape

The darkness creeps in with no hurry

Like an angel of death who waits for me to weaken

Like a monster waiting for me to turn my back

The shadows contort in the changing light

The dark mists play tricks on my eyes

Sometimes I’ll hear noises that frighten me

Neither human nor animal could make them

My heart thuds faster, and I start running

This is my reality

I’ve built my own world to escape

I hear the ghostly chuckles and icy laughter

I feel the fingers graze my back as they reach for me

Aiming to pull me deeper into the darkness, into nothing

So that I become something like them

No, that can’t be the end for me, it just can’t

There must be something

A light, a lamppost, a guiding friend

But for many turns, many paces, many sprints still I’m alone

This is my reality

I’ve built my own world to escape

Despite the danger, I skid to a sudden stop

I lift my face skyward and beg for the storm to pass

Slowly but surely the rain lightens and the thunder stops

The clouds dissipate, revealing a brilliant starry night

The moon glimmers down as a guiding beacon

And it feels as though a gentle hand has taken mine

I’m led forward through the darkness by someone wiser

Suddenly I find myself at the end, and I am free

This is my reality

I built this world, but I’ve escaped, and I’ll escape again

Folio · 2017