Folio · 2017

Flower Child

Hannah Erskine

She liked to pick wildflowers and pretty weeds from the grass

She liked to see shapes in the clouds that weren't there

She liked to breathe in every moment

She liked to talk a hundred miles an hour, not letting one second be silent

She liked to not rush, to not stress and to not worry

The Flower Child, I miss her

She liked to dance in the rain and the sopping mud

She liked to read long into the wee morning hours

Where she escaped into worlds that she longed to join

She liked playing with bugs though the other children squirmed

She would pick up daddy long legs and pill bugs and try to catch moths

The Flower Child, I miss her

She daydreamed so vividly, she could live in it for hours

She dreamed of superpowers, true love, and adventure

She dreamed of quirky but fairly normal realities

She dreamed of singing on the largest stage and receiving a standing ovation

She dreamed of doing it every day forever

The Flower Child, I miss her

She loved the poem one hundred stanzas long

If it did justice to the story in her head

She would start telling a fabulous tale and then jump to one she thought might be better

She would write for hours on end, even if it was utter nonsense

She wrote hundreds of poems and then began to share them

The Flower Child, I miss her

She was not afraid of love or closeness

She was not afraid of maybe getting lost

She wasn't afraid of burning her tongue with hot chocolate

She wasn't afraid of others thinking she was strange

And she wasn't afraid of failure because she never gave up

The Flower Child, I was her

I used to be this daydreaming, brave, funny little girl

I used to not fear things, just like that smart little girl

I used to not worry about time, the little girl never worried

I used to talk for hours on end, and sometimes, you might catch me at it

I used to be my own best friend when no one was around

The Flower Child, I want to be her again

Folio · 2017