Folio · 2017

Bird Bones

Nathan Caines

Ecstasy in blue,

You intertwine my skyward hands

With bird-boned kindness.

Ours is and was a worldly embrace

Underneath this blanket knitted by celestial scar-tissue,

Paper-thin I’ve become and most likely stay.

With you till things come apart a bit more.

The moth at my window who’s desperate to get in,

A flame-starved and dusty angel, you,

Too eager for the light.

Crawling through the tear in the screen with your overworked dozen legs,

Join the eye-motes haunting me

In this placid indoor breeze.

Cream words pour and puddle

Softly at the summit of my spine,

And here I find you

Softer yet.

Folio · 2017