Kendra Nuttall

I wish I could keep living a lie.

Life would have been easy,

If only I didn’t ask why.

That three letter word,

Who knew it would cause so much pain?

If only I could erase all of the sorrow it spurred.

When my mother cried,

Tears blurring her vision,

I wanted to hide.

I wanted to disappear,

To some faraway place,

Where I wouldn’t have fear.

Where I could be myself,

Without pretending,

Without adding to my already heavy shelf.

But it was too late;

The shelf fell,

Fueling hate.

The disappointment in my father’s eyes,

Showed me I was no longer daddy’s little girl.

My life was built on lies.

I thought love was free,

But it came with a price,

Far too expensive for me.

I wish it could be left in the past;

It wouldn’t have happened,

If I wouldn’t have asked.