This Mask I Wear

Andrea M. Johnson

I wake up in the morning with a thought lingering in the back of my mind. “What mask am I to wear today?” I look in the mirror and place a tentative hand on my cheek. My face has become smooth and featureless. I no longer know who I am anymore. I choose a mask that I feel would be acceptable to wear for those around me. I lie to the world to feel as though I pass as a human being. I lie to my family, friends, and society for their satisfaction. But In reality, I do it for my satisfaction alone. Who do I really wear this mask for? Is it to hide my true self from others, or is it an attempt to run from myself? I look in the mirror and no longer know what mask it is I wear. I chip at the mask not even truth can penetrate. I try to feel hope where despair has already consumed. I am unable to escape the never-ending cycle of lies.