The Drive

Lorraine Breeze

Scraping off my car in the morning

Getting ready to leave for school


Driving to a place I love

Much different than where I was headed last year

At 6:47am

I glance at the floor as I sit down

I can quickly tell how well I am doing mentally

by the shape my car is in

The normal disastrous state

has been gone for months

The majority of my car is clean


Clear of garbage and clutter

I must be doing alright I assume

Taking a breath in my car is different now

Even a breath clouded with toxins feels right

Because of the places I choose to let my car take me now

Scents of tobacco smoke

A Strawberry Air Freshener

It smells of adolescence

Today the leather seats are almost too cold to touch

I raise my eyes to the rearview mirror

Tilted Down

I can see my lips as I raise my hand to straighten it

I turn the key and you can hear the effort the car uses to turn itself on

The window doesn’t want to roll down

The music rings in my ears

My mood rises

Seatbelt, lighter, cigarette, spark

Like clockwork

I nod my head

Sing as I breathe out the smoke

Driving away from the sunrise