I Need to Comb the Cat

Angela Fields

I need to comb the cat and shred the extra envelopes they send me with the spam mail and color in the “O”s on all these magazine articles and scrub the back cabinet behind the old spices behind the new spices behind the canned goods and fold the rags again they are leaning too much to the right and hold open the window to let in the better air from the west on the fifth Tuesday in May when the sun shines between those two branches and when the traffic is at its lowest and copy down all the odd words from that email I got by mistake last week to see if they really did mean to send it to me and calculate when would be the best time to stack the dishes after the dishwasher is done with them so the risk of temperature fracturing is least likely to occur and watch a show on snails so I can finally answer that nagging question which is can they feel the salt on everything? oh and I need to make sure all the shoes in the house are on the correct side to be put on and while I’m at it the socks as well and that couch could be trimmed up a bit and I’m not sure if the cords could use some dusting or if every screw in everything needs some tightening but if they do, for Pete’s sake, that will just have to wait.