Josh Martin

I washed my hair
in the kitchen sink.
Brown goop drained
out and the blonde returned.
Looking at the color made
me frown a bit more.
I didn’t like having
blonde hair or brown,
I wanted to have my
red hair back again.

Three steps in the kitchen
two in the hall
one to the mirror and cabinet.
Three colors I had tried
but they only left me wanting

Cabinet held the bottles,
bottles for hair,
bottles for face,
bottles for beauty.
I used them all to try,
try to make myself
look like the others.
They all looked nice,
but I was always pointed
out as the ‘ugly’ one.

My hands flew
out at the mirror.
Trying my best
to hide what I was.
I was ugly, I was
unwanted. He
said I was pretty,
I knew he lied.
No one thought that,
I was the ugly duckling
who grew to be ugly.

I took one of the shards
broken from the mirror,
Gripped my hair tight
and sliced it off.
It was better short.