About John
Elicea Webber

John is a happy fellow. Complicated to an extent. John believes in God, but when nobody is looking he takes a minute to make an attempt at figuring out who and what God is and what the meaning of life might be. John is a naturist. A realist. Sometimes he is a tourist. He hates when people spell his name “J-o-n”. He finds it annoying that the “h” is so often left out. John is a romantic, however he sees no future of love for himself. Only others. John is a poet. A dreamer. A catalyst. He is, at times, a rather sensible man. A planner. John is a walking contradiction. John takes time to laugh at the mostĀ inopportune times. He lovesĀ spontaneity. But John hates surprises. What is John to do? Ha. Silly John. What have you done?