20ty Haikus
Peter Hines


Morning rain
~~~~~~~~~ each drop
Speaks multitudes


On the lone Mountain,
prayer flags flapping in the wind
All else is a dream


Suddenly, crescent
moon appears over lone tree,
Not even a sound


This air so alive
breathe it in and let it out
The stillness within


The falling is the hard
part and the forgetting too
Remember the grace


Within me I plant
a beautiful flower seed
My life it's soil


Imperfection is beauty
and madness is geniuses
Two worlds in one


I prefer to be
happy, crazy and in love
The rest is too much


The sages say
nothing lasts forever
such a blessing


In my bed the
purring kitty falls asleep
On my shoulder

I saw your face light
up like shiny red mountain
You were truth rising


In the morning
the rabbits go hopping
The tall grass grows


No more concern
I with five-seven-five
A small freedom


Old red truck in field
with it's cracked paint over rust
Five cent coca cola


When you are ready
you will pop like corn in a pan
But not until then


In the dark early
morning, a chorus of birds
The far off train wails


This grasping
and holding on is useless
fighting is for fools


In the silence
the mystery persisted
I fell back asleep


Perhaps truth depends
on a walk around the lake
But then there's mountain


Between broken
and healed there lies a ocean
Here we build boats