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Emily Jay

I regret my mind—

Musty—was so often on my hair

Often on my

Walk I saw smoothed stones,

Honest, but I walked on clouds

walked on

Through an almost pain.

Almost; I once thought it hurt

Once thought it

Hard to free soft beasts—

Heavy—how I feared those words!

feared those

Shadows; they disagreed with me:

Faulty, but I hate to fight

I hate to

Be so bloated, but

Starving: all I should have shared

I should have

My memories of you recorded:

Dreamlike, but I no longer dream

I no longer

Judge, except my own breathing:

Primal, in my regrets that hiss

My regrets that

I AM the book! The book in the echo:

Thinking, and that means I am,

That means I