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Fall 2016
1 Timothy 3:10 - Kendra Nuttal All Caps Poem - Elijah West And So It Goes - Angela Fields Below - Christine MacPherson Can't I Let Go? - Hannah Erskine Can't I - Rajnett Kaur Façade - Hannah Erskine Fever Hymm - Linn Luker Flash Memoir of My Younger Years - Amy Sygnatowicz Fly Away Birdie - Kylee Shepherd Gorgeous Chaos - Rebecca Whitehead I am Here - Elijah West I Could Write A Poem - Madeline Cole In the Lonely Forest - Noah Flandro Just Another Entry - Stephanie Fletcher Laser Treatment - Chieli Florez Liquidate - Jessica Downing Little Bird - Madeline Cole Motivation - Chieli Florez MS MS - John-Charles Colton Keuene No Man's Land - Linn Luker Numb - Lisa Matheson On the Sound That Crickets Make - Linn Luker Open Plunge - Meghan Flynn Patient Wasn't Me - Mikelle Bender Phantom - Angela Fields Propaganda - Kristofer Randall Releasing - Chieli Florez Sea Shells - Kaleigh Stock Selfish Velvet - Linn Luker Shiver - Jenna Teague Sugar Weighs Less - Angela Fields The Becoming - Dale Werner The Essence of A Passion - Caleb Jenson The Hearts of Men Braver Than Me - Kyle Allen The Wolf and the Young Kids - Emily Jay Therapy - Kendra Nuttall This is My Poem - Elijah West Uniqueness - Angela Fields Valley Of Fire - Mikelle Bender Was - Emily Jay Weather - Caleigh St. Louis Wonder Slumber - Dale Werner