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Caleigh St. Louis

The go to conversation when everything else has fallen through

Between soul mates now strangers

Between broken relations

The weather

It's sunny but we ignore the passing cloud blocking the heat from caressing my skin

How I crave your touch

So warm and comforting on my waist

Remember that tornado last week?

Between screaming and crying it hailed on us and I lost my breath

The sky turned green and you were livid

I'd never seen you shake the trees the way you did that night

Tearing up roots leaving hung power lines

I wanted to touch them...

Looking at you now is rain

I can't tell my tears from the sky's but my skin is wet and I stand in drenched clothes

Cold and shivering I gave up that you'd ever be warm again

Weather's our go to conversation now

Because with you it's only thunderstorms