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The Hearts of Men Braver Than Me

Kyle Allen

Guided to nature by two friends, I sat creekside upon a hard rock and bewilderingly saw every precursor of humanity. I heard music in the stream- the blues distilled from southern rivers

that lazily lap at muddy banks throughout their flatlands.

I saw fashion in the sylvan chaplets we crafted- a diaphanous drape

was sewn to the flowerets encircling our crowns, enshrouding us in a mythological, nymphetic, enchanted, and, above all, feminine mist.

I saw godliness in nature- the curious haziness surrounding the edges of the television screen installed in the center of my furthest memories, for the first time, had been manifested.

It became an infinite reticulation interconnecting mankind inside my mind. The branches grew unendingly into a wise old tree, a divine venation.

The branches grew unendingly into a wise old tree, a divine venation.

I looked up into the leaves of the trees arching over the waters and saw a curious vision

the symmetrical face of a cocker spaniel.


Suddenly, the nectars of knowledge flooded the gorge in my brain

that was dedicated to the thought that was at present. They bled into the canyon of my mind dedicated to memory.

As I got drunk off thought's rich and plentiful wines,

a hazy daydream caught my mind's eye- a television display of four natural scenes

from the video games I used to play, each accompanied by a mystic motif of surreal femininity. The bramble hedge labyrinth at Mad Monster Mansion- bathed in silver light

shed by the necromantic moon, a foreshadow of the wrath of evil witch Gruntilda.

The underwater grotto in Gloomy Galleon- inhabited by a fair mermaid

whose champagne complexion was shattered by sorrow over her precious, stolen pearls.

The overgrown garden in Flower Fields- owned by anthropomorphist Rose, who was rooted beneath an ivied portico and marked by the fatality of her vanity and envy of Lily and Petunia.

The water spring in the Great Fairy's Fountain- an allegro cascade of plucked harp strings signaled the summoning of the Great Fairy, hair the color of orchids and gifting magic powers.

As I walked away from the small river

I hungered for golden honeycombs,

and the red fruit of melons,

and mushrooms.

I want to eat the hearts of men braver than me.