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The Becoming

Dale Werner

When the raging fires die the heat is never gone. The glowing embers embrace the night with wispy sparks floating endlessly up into the sky to become the very stars in heaven.

Wandering into the plane, little known by any, the false gods shiver as they turn away from what they believe is a dying energy. The true light is still there for all who look to see, and the power contained is there if, one but reaches out to feel it.

Sitting there next to the dying flames are the ones who know the true beauty and the source of power still contained within those burning embers. Humble they watch, only watch, as the fiery red coals glow intensely against the backdrop of darkness.

From time to time a breeze blows, which catches the embers and causes bright sparks to jump and dance around the massive pit that was once filled with intense flame.

What will these embers do, float off to become galaxies and universes, will they collide and cause other mystical happenings, will they develop on their own into something that the false gods would kill and die to own or be part of?

In the pit, the coals still glow and the smoke still rises from the firmament giving way for generations of embers to come.