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Sugar Weighs Less

Angela Fields

The candy land scene of summer delights,

And the metal magicians with their scepters pulled

to pour an adventure of frozen flavors

sprinkled with cookie crumbs, Kit Kat crunch, and caramel drizzles-

rows littered with sugary substances.

The walls here are papered in happiness,

the floors tiled in joy.

Gummy bears hiding behind candy rocks,

while caramel turtles dive into a latte lake for

a boy that mounds his as high as a mountain.

His sister is more modest in her serving,

cupping a few candies calculating...

eyeing the hot fudge with more than a little interest.

Swirling mine around, mixed into a mush

blended to have that perfect mouthful,

masterpiece of all my ingredients.

Andes mints for that nice cool crisp,

Graham crackers for texture,

Cookie dough (always the best part of baking),

and of course one cherry without a stem,

dodging around the spoon for the last morsel.

Each cup a creation, to leave concerns at the corner or door

add some extra cake-batter, if they matter so much...

or at least till we must pedal our way back home.