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In The Lonley Forest

Noah Flandro

I walk in the lonely forest

I brush my worn hands on the leaves

The pine needles

Smells like the Christmas I never had

The light streaming through the foliage

Creates a glittering light on the ground

Wind brushing my cheek

Cold, but comforting




My eyes open in the forest

Everything looks the same

From when I first noticed it

The dark clouds

The smell of ash and smoke

The crackling from the dry leaves

And dying trees

The black streaks

The bright flickering doom

For these trees

I cry

My falling tears start to bring the forest

Back from the dead

So that someone else

Can walk in the forest

Smell the pine needles

Feel the soft leaves

See the flickering of sunlight

Hear the whispering wind

Tell the secret

Of what really happened here

In the lonely forest