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“I Could Write a Poem”

Madeline Cole

Look at all you beautiful people.

I could write a poem about this.

I could write a poem about her,

about scones and hating the person who will become your best friend,

about learning to care for someone more than you care about yourself.

I could write about the places we went and the people we met

because she showed me

that it's okay to go places and meet people.

I could write about the definition of opposites attract.

We wrote that definition, we are that definition.

I am learning to let go of the petty rules I've let define me and

she only wears eyeliner

and two precise dots on either side of her nose.

Maybe I'll write a poem about them.

Maybe I'll write a poem about long nights,

about cigarettes on swing sets,

dirty non-slips and nametags on our chests,

realizing the lies I feed myself.

This isn't a stranger, this is my friend.

This isn't pity, this is genuine human connection.

A reminder that people fall in love,

and people care about one another,

and I am a person too.

Maybe I'll write a poem about falling in love,

and how sometimes it happens when you don't want it to.

I'll write about art galleries and inspiration,

about wanting to become a better person with another person,

about trying,

and failing.

Maybe I'll write about the boy who couldn't love me because he realized I'd forgotten to love myself.

His hair was long when we first met.

Taught me you shouldn't have to be a martyr to be in love.

I should write a poem about this.

I should write a poem about this connection to myself

and the energy around me,

to things I can't explain but understand so well,

to thin leather strips and a maroon t-shirt,

this connection to my fears and insecurities

and how they're present but they don't restrict me,

they encourage me.

I see the ashes of past iterations of myself under my feet and on my hands.

We may be hidden in the forest but we are rising from these ashes,

alone, sure,

but together.

And it's terrifying but here we are and it's so beautiful that

I will write a poem about this.

Not only will I write this poem,

I will read

and I will recite this poem,

and I will be loud.

I will speak and no longer be silent,

I will stand and no longer hide away,

I will express and no longer conceal these emotions,

and I will be so goddamn loud for once.

I WILL write a poem about this,

about this life,

about this love,

about this world,

this place,

these people and their lives

and how they have changed mine for the better.

I will write a poem about this.

I, of all people, will write so many poems about this,

because of you.

Thank you.