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Fly Away Birdie

Kylee Shepherd

Canary yellow, exotic parrot green, tinges of toucan beak orange and purple plumage

Peppered throughout with peacock blue that no amount of light diminishes

The beautiful black-eye bruise rainbow

Uncaged, free lies fly from my mouth as I weakly warble it was an accident

My flock gawks at the clumsiness mottled across my face in such gorgeous hues

They gracefully perch on my precarious tale, at rapt attention

Longing to sing them the truth, extend the branch of honesty to garner me peace

Instead this doting dove, daddy's daughter doesn't speak true

Falcon father fuels her falsehoods forward

His little ‘love' lacks luster but lacks less than absolute loneliness

Staying silent, songbird suffers while the gaggle ogle's

From egg hatching to casket latching, this nestling never tells of her hit catching