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Heather Graham

A wintery breeze tickled their faces as they stood atop a shadowy hill, between their glittering city and the vast, star-freckled sky. She had spent so long watching the clouds and hoping for rain that she had forgotten what a clear night looked like. He bounced from foot to foot, swinging his arms wildly as he spoke. His words and movements were intoxicated with too much excitement and gin, making it seem like he was dancing in the silvery moonlight.

They had only been friends for a short time but she had already discovered what his sleepy face looked like at 4 in the morning, how purple made his hazel eyes stunningly vibrant and how they crinkled at the corners when he laughed. She had memorized the angles and bends of his nose and the patterns of freckles that peppered his cheeks. And she had seen the way that he effortlessly reassembled her broken pieces and silenced the turmoil inside her mind. It had only been a moment but she was already certain that he was something she wanted to keep forever.

Here with him, on this spot above the sleepy city, the inky sky was cloudless and more beautiful than she had ever seen it. It was as if he breathed starlight into the winter air with every hiccupped laugh and awestruck sentence, scattering constellations across a clear dark canvas.

The twinkling of the city and the whisper of the breeze orchestrated a simple song that matched his sloppy waltz and she wondered if they were hearing the same melody. She was sure it sounded like a love song, full of sentimental verses and dramatic choruses, but she knew that their song would never be so mundane as romance and desire – no, their song would be something unique and grand.

His dance faltered slightly as he looked at her over his shoulder and grinned, spilling stars into the night. She had been lost and splintered, longing for rain, but his smile had cleared the clouds and filled the wintery, star-speckled sky with glittering galaxies.