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Our White Christmas

Makenna Hunt

The smell of freshly cut pine trees, homemade cinnamon rolls straight out of the oven, white fluffy snow on the ground and the sound of my family's laughter are what bring me into "My Querencia." As I walk up the front porch steps to my childhood home I feel my heart skip a beat with excitement that Christmas is right around the corner. I take a deep breath, smile and open the front door.

I walk in and I am instantly filled with peace and comfort that I am home. One of my favorite quotes is "Home is where the heart is." As I am in this moment of pure happiness I get a deeper understanding these wise words. I look around and I am surrounded by positive energy, laughter, and excitement that matches mine for the Holidays. I take a moment to breathe in and keep these positive moments in my heart and mind before the chaos of Christmas settles in.

The night goes on and we get wrapped up in traditions. From watching home videos to opening our new Christmas pajamas and laying out cookies for Santa, the traditions are what make Christmas with my family so special to me. Whether it is playing a new game we got from my parents, helping frost the cinnamon rolls or watching the snow fall from the sky while sipping on hot cocoa, I am in my Querencia in any and all of these moments. For me, my querencia isn't necessarily about a place that feels like "home" it is more about the company I am with and the energy around me. Lucky for me I see and feel at home the most when I am with my family at one of my favorite times of the year.