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Emotional Similes and Metaphors

William Anderson

Joy, Melancholy, and a Peach

A kitten is just the plump, succulent, sweet contemplation of the tasteless, dry, mealy realization that is the true peachiness of owning a cat.

Envy, Satisfaction, and a New Car

If you can keep in mind envy consumes your heart just like the payment on your neighbor's Mercedes-Maybach S600 would eat your lunch – for a year, then, your lunch will taste like your neighbor's Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Desire, Ambivalence, and Apples

I love apples, as pie, like my wife's lips – tender and sweet (but, without the flaky crust). Apples, as apples, might as well be oranges.

Ambition, Resignation, and a Job Application

Your heart fills out and submits the application for your dream job. Your head awaits the reply.

Resolve, Defeat and a Golf Ball

The dimpled smile perched expectantly on a golfer's face meets the dimpled ball perched expectantly on the tee. All the dimples disappear as the ball slices a wicked smile through the air, far, far, farther to the right and into the FOREst!

Exhilaration, Calm and The Roller Coaster

The ride to The Cannibal is a half-doze of Ambien; a 70mph, 120k foot, head-nodding-drool on-your-shirt snoozer. The ride on The Cannibal is a triple mocha cappuccino with a Red Bull chaser; a 70mph, 2,700 foot, triple-inverted 4.2 g-force loop, with a 21 story, 116 degrees beyond vertical, near-death plunge (ending, appropriately, underground); a head-jangling-pee-your-pants squealer.

Confusion, Clarity and OpArt

Is all art like OpArt – if, you stare at IT long enough you finally see IT?

Anguish, Acceptance and a Scar

Growing up, I always hated my freakish, gaping, tooth-bare smile. (No, not the one on my face, that one has teeth.) For years, the loathsome piece-o’-clown deformity stretched too conspicuously across my thigh just above my right knee. I have long since replaced it with the story about a wicked gash inflicted by a run-in with a rusty tailpipe I had when I was 5 years old.

Solitude, Chaos and a Smart Phone

Once, the reverie that is a book was only modestly disturbed to answer a phone’s call. Now, my book rings and I don’t know what button to push, which way to swipe, nor whatever else the heck to do. So, I just wait until the ringing stops and the reverie returns. Pretty smart, huh?

Patience, Anxiety and a Chess Set

In the chess game that is life, sometimes I worry the only thing guarding my queen is my finger resting on her crown.

Gentleness, Harshness and a Garment

Donald Trump’s vision for Making America Great Again is sold like it’s a smooth, conservative, classic silk tie. It’s not until you open the box and look inside that you find out it’s really a burlap thong.