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Linn Luker

Lovely killer, lovely charlatan, lovely devil
like some whirling dervish, you spin dizzy circles around my skull
the pacific rises in my chest, but still I hold my tongue.
How could I be so selfish?
Only to hear your voice repeat my own, I whisper “I love you.”
My tired eyes melt when I touch your skin.

Jewels weep from your innocent skin
you’re so handsome, but the mirror reflects the devil.
When I lay quiet and dirt seeps into my small lungs, who will think of me? You?
I laugh at the thought, I laugh at myself, I laugh at my broken skull.
How could you be so selfish?
Your snake eyes pierce me when you taste me with your forked serpent tongue.

Behind your jaw sits your rotten tongue
and like the moon waits for the sun, I wait for the smell of your skin.
How could I be so selfish?
Thinking only of you when under my thin frame awaits the devil.
Do you ever dream of your grave, how beautiful it will be when wildflowers creep into your skull?
In the witches crystal is a future where my eyes are clear and I am wrapped around you.

Even when my voice is only a clandestine echo and my fingers are weak, I will never forget you.
I’ll never forget your flesh, or the bones underneath, and I’ll never forget the taste of your tongue.
I wish I could see like you do, I wish I could make myself small and haunt your skull
like a ghost, I hover above my body when you touch my skin.
I want to fix you, I want to sew up your wrists when they leak blood as red as the devil.
How could you be so selfish?

I ask again, how could you be so selfish?
My lion heart, my lying heart, aches when I look at you.
Your affection burns me with the likeness of flames belonging to the devil.
When caught in your gaze, I struggle to find the right words and I silently wish I could cut out my tongue.
Your lips, the lips of a liar and a cheat, often leave my heart feeling as cold as corpse skin.
I know I’d still love you with your knife embedded in my skull.

Your eyes shine the color of God’s ivory skull
but how could I be so selfish?
How dare I compare you to God
when angels cross themselves at the sight of your skin?
Roses and beasts cower beneath you
while I cry for things I have lost, you taste my tears with your liar’s tongue.
Have I fallen in love with the devil?

How could I be so selfish?
The ghosts under my skin cry for your precious skull
and as long as your devil tongue speaks my name, I will follow you.

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