Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine

Sad Violin

Justin Jacobson

A blond beauty in a long black dress
Her smile bright and warm.
Places her hand on my shoulder,
Then pulls me into her arms.

And she knows just how to hold me
And just how to pull every string
And I rest in her arms and listen to how
She makes my whole soul sing.

In that moment time seems frozen
As together we make our tune
But the notes slip away and disappear
And the song is over too soon.

And I search her thought through her eyes.
And it scares me what I find.
That even as she holds me close to her.
There is someone else in her mind.

Then her touch becomes hard and loveless
Then she sets me down on the floor.
Then she stands and turns, and without a word
Walks weightlessly to the door.

But she turns and looks on me with pity
I silently beg her to stay
And hold me with love one more moment
Before she goes away.

But her eyes tell me all too clearly
That that isn't why I was made.
No, an object as lifeless and hollow as I
Was only meant to be played.

The most pitiful part of the hollow life
Of a lonely violin
Is that though I lie here: cold and alone
I can't wait till she plays me again.