Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine


Mark Flannery

Imagine a pit
You didn't dig on purpose,
You don’t remember who dug it,
But now you are in it.

Your county called, you answered.
You left your family, friends and jobs.
You trained and you trained and you trained some more,
Then you got in country and they say forget everything you learned.

You do the best you can but they still want more.
You bust your ass, you try your best.
But still people die,
Friends, buddies, brothers.

You do what you can do to cope,
You scream, you yell, you cry.
You drink and smoke and lie,
You crawl into the pit

You come home, family and friends abound,
But still there is that pit.
You tried to go back to normal with your spouse, kids
But still you have the dreams and still there is the pit.
You try going back to work but things just aren’t the same,
Crowds seem more crowded but alone is too alone.
The only time you feel ok is around the brothers in arms.
But that brings up memories.

But then there is that pit
It keeps getting deeper and darker.
The drinking, the smoking, the pills don’t help
Your family and friends try to pull you out but all you do is pull them in.

Sooner or later outside help stops
Family and friends seem to turn their backs on you
And the pit is deeper and darker than ever
Just join the pit, it will take away the pain

The pit will make all the dreams stop.
Just lie down and stop fighting.
All is well in the pit,
Imagine a grave…

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