Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine

Fragile Love

Nathan Schwendiman

The moment as fire
Heat, searing heat,
Twisting and distorting
The structure of the heart.
Blindly Igniting tinder;
melting stone and steel alike.
Neither earth nor air is immune to the destruction.
Chaos enters the heart.
Weakened defenses,
confronted by overwhelming waves of power, are utterly destroyed.
Only the foundation remains.
The sanctuary, now made of ash.
No lumber, no steel in their original form.
Yet from the rubble, warmth still emits
The blaze struggles to live
Smoke rises from deep within,
As the red light dims
Change is wrought in the land
And the earth grows cold
In the pit where once it stood
Where the humbled dust now rests
Only a memory now exists
Where a fragile love once dwelled.