Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine

Entropic Abbadon

Linn Luker

I am abandoned in a sea of nothingness
Left with nothing but the company of
An old bronze-embellished phonograph
Echoing jazz records through dry air

My limbs are numbed by the heat of God’s love
Shining apathetically from its comfortable
Blue sky above.

After picking up my scent
The hungry beasts come running
Baring gifts of sharp teeth and torn flesh
“How thoughtful,” I mused. “The wolves are eating me.”

When finished, eyes feverish, they licked their bloody lips,
Fell silent and dropped their snouts to the ground.
They were praying over my bones,
And when the sun hid its face from the earth,
They howled a solemn chorus at the shy moon
To repent for the sin they had just committed.

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