Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine

Lia's Dream

Jared Henshaw

Song: Freefalling by Dennis Shepherd

As I get into bed and start to doze off, the familiar world I’m in begins to change, and I fall into a sky of white. As I fall, my memories dance around me on different screens, and as I slow to touch the ground they shatter.

As the pieces break all around me and hit the ground, the sky begins to crack and shatter as well. And a bright light emanates from the cracks as the sky falls apart.

Blinded, I get up to see a human city. One of great importance. I get a feeling that there’s someone I’m supposed to find…

As I wander around the city no one sees me, no one notices me, and I feel sad at the thought of being alone. Then I spot another guardian in the crowd who’s looking at me. Can he really see me?

He can…

I instantly realize that this is no normal guardian: this is my creator. And he’s looking right at me. I then decide to beckon him toward me. He soon comes to my side, and we begin to talk. He’s a charming young man, and I instantly fall in love with him. His blue eyes and gray fur… he’s perfect.

Then I notice something strange, I look up to see an object falling to the ground. Is… that… him?!

A copy of this guardian is falling from the sky…

Then he turns to look and as we both stare, he suddenly begins to fall over.

I try to catch his limp body, but as soon as I touch him his body bursts into a thousand glass pieces and fades away. I call out to him and begin to cry. Then the world around me is suddenly swept away by a monstrous white wave.

As I struggle to swim, the world turns whiter and whiter as I begin to drown.

Then I lose consciousness as I sink into the abyss of white. Then white turns to black and I am left alone in the dark. As I get up, I am terrified and I wander around.

Suddenly the ground under me shifts and lifts me up into the black sky. And when it stops, screens begin to fill up the sky.

As I stare at each of his memories strewn across the sky, I begin to feel bad for him and as a tear escapes my eye, I notice he is right beside me, looking at the sky as well. Then as we watch his life being replayed over and over, I suddenly realize he is not there. As I look for him on the giant glass plateau I’m standing on, I can’t help but notice that the glass is beginning to break.

Then it shatters. And I fall into the abyss as I scream his name.

As I hit the water below and the glass hits around me, I sink into the black abyss below and begin to fade away.

I am conscious, but I am not me, I have been stripped of my body and am falling as an incomplete shell of who I was… a crystal heart.

Then my being senses a presence. Could it be him? As I fall, I pray he catches me. And when he does, I feel my body restore itself, and I am there for a moment, hugging him. Then I lean back to get a good look at his face before smiling at him, and he smiles back.

Suddenly I realize that I know the way out of here. I take his hand and rush him over to a giant door that opens for us. And as we walk through, I grab his beautiful face, turn it towards mine, and kiss him.

Then suddenly I am in my room again, and I wake up.

And as I sit to ponder my dream, I get a feeling that somehow, some way…

Things are going to change today.