Folio - Salt Lake Community College Art and Litereature Magazine

Korotu's Dream

Jared Henshaw

Song: Don’t Wake Me Up by Chris Brown

As I get into bed and look at the familiar room around me, I begin to doze off before falling into a deep sleep. Next thing I know, I’m falling with my eyes closed as the stars gather around me and I hit the now-blue water of a black ocean against a black sky.

As I hit the water, I feel my body change… I have become a guardian.

And then I’m sinking… sinking into the abyss.

Then suddenly as my feet touch the ground, the world around me changes dramatically and I find myself in my old city. And as I look into the crowd, I see a female guardian who stands out from the rest. As I admire her slim beauty and dark fur, she sees me and seems to recognize me before beckoning me to her side. As we begin to talk, she suddenly looks to the sky and I look to see what she’s staring at.

I look up and see my body falling towards the ground at a high speed. And as I continue to stare, I get a strange dizzy feeling before falling through the ground.

Next thing I notice is that I’m falling from the sky again while half conscious. As my limp body falls to touch the ground, I begin to slow down and my feet touch down softly. I regain consciousness and notice that I’m on a large glass platform. And I notice the guardian girl staring into the sky across from me. She appears to be crying. As I rush to her side, I notice that the black sky is filled with my memories. As I remember each one I get the dizzy feeling again and I start to sink into the now-black abyss of darkness below me.

As I sink into the darkness, I reach for her but she doesn’t notice me and I sink into the black. Suddenly I feel cold, and I begin to freeze up as I search for a way out of the cold darkness. And then suddenly I see a light falling from the sky in front of me. As I stare closer and my eyes adjust, I notice that the light is coming from a crystal heart. I reach out to grab it and suddenly I’m embracing a familiar guardian.

She stares at me and smiles, and I smile back. Then I realize that light emanates from all over her beautiful body. Suddenly she grabs my hand and races me over through the darkness to a door.

We walk up to the giant door, and suddenly it begins to open as a bright light emanates from the now-open door. We walk through, and as I stare at the beautiful world in front of me, she turns my head and gives me a kiss.

I then wake up.

And as I sit and ponder my dream, I get a feeling. A feeling that somehow, some way…

Things are going to change today.