Folio - Spring 2018


A reverberation. A small voice, bouncing off of empty space, onto the people’s ears. The tinkering of glass before it crashes to the ground, from a ceiling broken. A previously unheard story, amplified to a booming shout. Injustice repaired.

Folio is the award-winning literary magazine of Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 1999, Folio has included the literary and artistic work of SLCC students. Submissions are judged by student writers, artists, and editors, and accepted pieces are published in print and/or online each Spring and Fall semester. Folio draws together SLCC's emerging talents to have a platform for being heard and provides the venue for writers and artists to showcase their best prose, poetry, visual art, photography, and audiovisual productions.

The Spring 2018 Edition of Folio celebrates the process of imagination and creation through the creativity of the SLCC students and their art, and writing.

Folio Staff

Sir Associate Dean

Stephen Ruffus


Benjamin Solomon

Wizard of Words Editor

Stephanie Fletcher

Master of da Weebz Editor

Brandon Walker

"Make-Things-Look-Pretty" Editor

Heather Graham

Queen of Snark

Michelle Gray

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Empowering Shame by Alyssa Casselman